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I haven’t had a lot to write lately… I hold a positive outlook with the pandemic and vaccination timelines finally, so there’s that. This will allow my oldest children to return to in-person learning mid-to-late March, which will be a healthy change for all of us, I’m sure. With things looking up we even bookedContinue reading “Update”

It’s a Good Kind of Busy

What an exciting, yet busy week. My youngest started Preschool two mornings a week! Along with that, my boys transferred back to their normal school (they were enrolled in an online school for part of the pandemic to lower risk). They will be online for a bit longer, but might actually get to see classmatesContinue reading “It’s a Good Kind of Busy”

National Parks

I received a National Parks Scratch-off poster like this for Christmas this winter. I love it! If you have followed me for awhile – or if you know me personally – you know that travel is my utmost happy place and ultimately the reason I wanted to start a blog. It doesn’t matter if I’mContinue reading “National Parks”

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